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Bharatiya Krishi Gramin Anusandhan Sansthan a Goverment (NGO). which is organized on a local, national or international level. Task-oriented and driven by people with a common interest, NGOs perform a variety of service and humanitarian functions, bring citizen concerns to Governments, advocate and monitor policies and encourage political participation through provision of information. We are organized around specific issues, such as human rights, environment or health.

The population of India is 1027 million with approximately 28% or 285 million living in urban centres and it is expected that the share of urban population will increase to about 40% of total population by the year 2021. This is in sharp contrast to only 60 million (15 percent) who lived in urban areas in 1947 when the country became independent. During the last sixty years the population of the country has grown two and half times, while the urban India has grown by nearly five times.

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